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Beal Iceline Unicore Golden Dry 8.1mm x 60m

Rope Length: 60m
Colour: Emerald

The Beal Iceline Unicore Golden Dry 8.1mm x 60m is an excellent lightweight, easy running, thin ice climbing rope.

The Iceline is Beals very lightest double climbing rope, and with the UNICORE technology and its extremely low impact force, this rope is excellent news and a must have for less-than-perfect belay points in ice and on mixed routes. A trump card that no winter climber or Alpinist can ignore.


  • The lightness and free-running of twin rope but with the advantages of a double rope. 
  • Really low impact force. 
  • Ideal Use: Ice climbing and expert climbers.

NB: The thinness of this climbing rope makes it exceptionally easy running but also demands an appropriate and specific belaying technique.

Every filament of the sheath and the core of GoldenDry ropes is treated with a water repellent chemical before the rope is manufactured. This chemical covering is polymerised at high temperature. The durability of this treatment is given by the polymerisation, but also because of the individual treatment of each filament before the rope is made. A GoldenDry rope is a rope with the core Dry treated, and a sheath of Dry Cover.

  • Very limited weight gain in wet conditions
  • Prevents the rope thickening too much
  • Improved rope-running through karabiners and belay devices
  • Improved abrasion resistance in normal climbing use

The UNICORE process bonds the sheath of the rope to the core. This prevents sheath slippage, but also helps to keep the structural integrity of the rope if it is cut or damaged.

  • Sheath slippage is eliminated
  • Allows safe escape should the sheath be cut
  • Rope cutting is easy: no hot knife required
  • Improved rope-running through karabiners and belay devices
  • Reduction of shrinkage in water by more than 50%



  • Type: Half rope
  • Diameter mm: 8.1
  • Treatment: Beal Golden Dry Cover
  • Static Elongation %: 11.5
  • Dynamic Elongation %: 37
  • UIAA Falls: 6
  • Impact Force kN: 4.90
  • Sheath Slippage mm: 0
  • Proportion of sheath %: 41
  • Weight per meter: 39g

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