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Boot Bananas

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Colour: Yellow

Boot Bananas absorb moisture from whiffy footwear, making them perfect to shove in your climbing shoes after a sweaty session. 

Unfortunately wearing any footwear without socks is likely to have a sweaty and smelly outcome. Just slide some Boot Bananas into your shoes after a session and they will help to absorb the moisture that causes bad odours. They are best used from the start of your climbing shoes life for optimum results but they will also stop your existing shoes from getting worse.

The cotton fabric used has the porosity to absorb moisture but if your shoes are really sweaty you can shake your bananas to release a fine mist of powder to speed up the drying process. You will be able to tell when your Boot Bananas are ready to be replaced because they slowly turn brown the more they are used, when entirely brown your Boot Bananas are saturated and need to be replaced.

Boot Bananas contain all natural ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, bamboo charcoal, zeolite, dried lavender flowers and lemon, lavender & tea tree essential oils.

Boot Bananas are a nifty little product, which due to their cost effectiveness can also make a great gift.


  • Sold as a pair
  • Handy accessory carabiner included 
  • Fragrant lavender smell
  • Made from natural ingredients

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