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DMM Brass Offsets

Size: 0

The DMM Brass Offset nuts work excellently in pin scars and small flared cracks, where the double taper resists rotating or rocking. 

Each face is slightly concave and soft enough to give more "bite" to the placement, and the addition of an aluminium swage, or keeper which holds the wires parallel but allows one wire to slide, means that the nut is loaded more evenly on both sides making the placement more secure. 

Add them to your climbing rack for a boost in strength in the small sizes (compared to other aluminium nuts).


Brass Offset 0 Gold 2kN 4g
Brass Offset 1
Blue 4kN 7g
Brass Offset 2
Red 5kN 9g
Brass Offset 3
Silver 5kN 10g
Brass Offset 4
Purple 7kN 14g
Brass Offset 5
Green 7kN 17g
Brass Offset 6
Silver 10kN 24g

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