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DMM Bulldog Ice Anchor

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The DMM Bulldog Ice Anchor is a versatile ice hook designed for marginal protection and belays when climbing winter routes.

Updated and even better, the DMM Bulldog Ice Anchor has kept its versatility, but is now lighter, easier to place and easier to remove than its predecessor. Winter climbing protection is often about making the best of what’s available. In an ideal world, this would be ice screws in bullet hard ice and ‘bomber’ rock protection throughout. However, our winter world is far from ideal and so inventive use of DMM's Bulldog has been crucial in offering protection in frozen turf, thin icy cracks and marginal ice smears for over a decade. 


  • The Bulldog resembles an ice pick, allowing it to create protection options in any place you'd use your axe. Water ice, frozen turf and iced up cracks all become protection options when armed with a bulldog
  • The spine of the Bulldog presents a large target for hammering, letting you make placements with minimal energy
  • The handle of the Bulldog gives you a good grasp to lever the device out of whatever it has been driven into, aiding extraction and letting you get on with the climbing.
  • Extendable sling for versatility
  • Lightening holes reduce weight