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DMM Spectre Quickdraw Packs

Colour: Blue
Size: 12cm (6-Pack)

The DMM Spectre Quickdraw is an all-round, versatile, lightweight yet strong climbing quickdraw that offers easy handling and reduced snagging.

The Spectre carabiner is bigger than the Phantom (which is probably the best trad climbing carabiner) and ultimately more versatile. It has more metal to cope with bolt damage and is easier to handle and clip in adverse conditions due to the bigger size and the small gate notch for reduced snagging. The lightweight 11m Dynatec sling that links the carabiners makes it a great versatile starter quickdraw that can be used for all styles of climbing. 


  • All-round quickdraw with 11mm Dynatec that can be used for sport, trad or winter climbing.
  • Full sized carabiners easy to handle when pumped or wearing gloves.
  • Strong and lightweight I-Beam construction
  • Safer, deeper rope basket
  • Easy to handle back shape
  • Generous 8.5mm rope radius
  • Modified nose profile to protect the gate


  • BetastickEvo Compatible: Yes
  • Gate Clearance mm: 20
  • Gate Closed kN: 24
  • Gate Open kN: 9
  • Keylock: No
  • Krab Minor Axis kN:8
  • Krab Length mm: 97
  • Krab Width mm: 55
  • Sling Strength kN: 22
  • Sling Width mm: 11
  • Weight: 73g (12cm), 77g (18cm), 80g (25cm)

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