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Evolv Shaman Pro LV

Size: UK 4

The Evolv Shaman Pro LV is a super sensitive, high-performance climbing shoe, offering a new level of comfort on steep boulder problems and sport routes thanks to a host of changes from the original Shaman model.

The Shaman Pro LV is an entirely new climbing shoe concept, introducing Evolv’s new 'Evo Wrap' technology which utilises a thin rubber midsole that runs the length of the shoe to hold the foot securely around the instep, eliminating the need to painfully downsize and pressure your toes into the front of the shoe. This isn't to say the Shaman Pro is down on power, quite the opposite. As downturned and aggressive as ever, this softer, more sensitive incarnation of the fan favourite Shaman has been tweaked to suit more indoor focussed climbers who need ultimate sensitivity through every foot placement.

Packed full of classic Evolv tech like the 'love bump' (a thin bit of midsole under the toe box), Trax SAS rubber and the all vegan Synthratex upper, there's plenty about the Pro to satisfy even the most die hard Evolv fan. But, as part of the Pro package, we do see some changes/ upgrades. Most notably in the new Evo Wrap midsole technology which works alongside the new, adjustable ratchet style strap to hug the foot rather than squeeze it into place. As well as Evo Wrap, the tongue of the Shaman has been swapped out for an all encompassing sock which seamlessly holds your foot in place right out of the box.

The Shaman Pro LV has a slightly softer midsole than the Shaman Velcro and even more so than the Lace, allowing for more flex whilst smearing and hooking, making it the perfect choice for dynamic competition boulder problems


The Pro LV version of the Shaman should fit just like the original LV strap and lace versions of the shoe.

If you require some assistance with sizing this climbing shoe to your particular needs click here: Rock Climbing Shoe Sizing Guide

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The video below takes a look at the evolved version of the Shaman Pro


  • Adjustable Evo Wrap closure strap
  • Maximum Power and sensitivity
  • Downturned asymmetric profile
  • VTR rand (thicker front toe area)
  • Evo Wrap midsole technology
  • Low Volume


  • Upper: Synthetic (Synthratex VX)
  • Midsole: 1.6mm soft plastic love bump half midsole & 1mm tensioned rubber midsole with arch support
  • Outsole: 4.2mm TRAX SAS
  • Heel: Dark Spine S
  • Vegan friendly

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