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Font A Bloc: Vol 1

The Font A Bloc: Vol 1 guidebook is another quality guide to the ever-popular destination of Fontainebleau (there are 2 more volumes to follow...!), written by local activist and area expert Jacky Godoffe and featuring English throughout. This Versante Sud guide describes more than 5000 problems from 6a up to 8c, with full colour photo-topos, clear, well drawn overview maps, plus information about each area and general logistics of staying in the Fontainebleau area.

If you are struggling to decide which guide to take on your Font trip, read our Rock + Run article Fontainebleau: Which Bouldering Guide? for some guaranteed inspiration.


  • Country: France
  • ISBN13: 9788887890655
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 332
  • Page Size: 150mm x 210mm
  • Published Date: 2010
  • Publisher: Versante Sud
  • Region: France - Fontainebleau
  • Manufacturer: Versante Sud

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Customer Reviews

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Daina H.
How to get really lost in the forest

Very baffled by this book. There is only a small selection of sectors in there and it then also includes a small selection of choice-boulders which would be fine, if they were easy to find. The maps are not at all useful and we spent the trip using other people’s guides and

Worst guidebook I’ve used to be honest.