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Langdale (FRCC)

The Langdale guidebook is a definitive guide to the climbing in the valley bases of Great Langdale and Easedale, an all year venue with plenty of south facing crags.  

Offering immensely varied climbing, the Langdale guide offers an even spread from roadside to high mountain crags and showcases that without doubt it is one of the finest of the lakeland valleys. Located on the south side of the lake district close to motorway and railway links, the valley is easily reached and is richly endowed with accommodation, pubs, cafes and gear outlets.

This definitive Langdale climbing guidebook was completely revised in 2013, covering the valley bases of Great Langdale and Easedale, and including over 850 climbs, with the best value and widest spread of these lying in the grades below E3. Clear maps, tables and comprehensive photo-diagram coverage help you select and find your chosen climb, and the action shots will inspire you to discover new venues in this popular valley.


  • Author: Steve Scott, Max Biden, Ron Kenyon, Tim Whiteley
  • Country: England
  • ISBN10: 0850280540
  • ISBN13: 9780850280548
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 470
  • Page Size: 120 x 182 mm
  • Published Date: October 2013
  • Publisher: FRCC
  • Region: England - Lake District
  • Manufacturer: FRCC
  • Weight: 560g

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