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Grivel G12 EVO Crampons

Option: New-Classic

The Grivel G12 EVO crampons are an evolved version of perhaps the most popular crampon out there, following on from the standard G12, the EVO retains all the features of the popular all-round mountaineering crampon.

A 12 point crampon is perfect for the general mountaineer. You can still walk in them, climb to around Grade V Scottish Winter and undertake many, many alpine lines.

Compared to a 10 point walking crampon the additional 2 spikes on the front section are added and positioned to provide extra security on steep ground. The front points are longer, narrower and more aggressive to deal with ice and steep slopes.

These crampons are semi-rigid so combined with an appropriate boot they give more support on steeper ground, while still retaining a bit of flex on long walk ins. The proactive antiballing plate helps keeps snow buildup to a minimum, by popping out the snow whilst you walk.

The webbing and bindings on the G12 EVO have been improved over the previous generation now using 12mm webbing compared to 14mm. The buckle has been improved and is now easier to tighten and loosen, the extra webbing now fastens in towards the boot and wraps around the front of the ankle and can be tucked into the back. The step-in bindings have also been improved and simplified with a clip in height adjuster rather than the old dial. These step-in bindings are now lighter, stronger and easier to adjust.

The Grivel G12 EVO will no doubt follow in the footsteps of its predecessor and be seen in the mountains for many years. As a general mountaineering crampon it is highly recommended.

Binding Options


  • Strap-on bindings with front and back cradles, for flexible boots or boots without a heel notch. Suitable for B1, B2 and B3 boots.


  • Semi step-in bindings with front cradle and heel lever-lock, for semi-rigid boots with a heel notch. Suitable for B2 and B3 Boots.


  • Full step-in bindings with front bail and heel lever-lock, for rigid boots with a heel notch. Suitable for B3 Boots.

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      • Tools Required: No
      • Antiball Plates: Yes
      • Boot Size: 36-47
      • Number of Points: 12
      • Materials: Steel
      • Weight: 916g

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