MSR Alpinist 2 System


The MSR Alpinist 2 Cook System is the perfect cook wear accompaniment set for a pair of mountaineers, looking to keep weight to a minimum whilst retaining a reasonable level of comfort. Alternatively, when traveling solo or fast&light, the 'system' can be trimmed down to make it even lighter.

MSR's 2.4L hard anodised pot makes for the 'system' container and is both lightweight and extremely functional - plenty of capacity for melting snow and boiling water fast. Inside MSR have maxed-out all available space, providing; x1 Strainer lid, x2 DeepDish plates, x1 Talon pot handle and x2 insulated stainless steel mugs with lids.

All in all this is an incredibly compact yet inclusive cook wear set and a must for all alpinists and mountaineers who like to retain some level of comfort whilst on the hill.

Includes: x1 2.4L Hard anodised aluminium pot, x1 Strainer lid, x2 DeepDish™ plates, x1 Talon™ pot handle, and x2 insulated stainless steel mugs with lids.

Durable and Efficient: Hard anodised aluminium pot is strong, light and more efficient than titanium.
Compact: Efficient nesting design saves valuable space.
Versatile: Accommodates an additional insulated mug (sold separately) for a party of three, a Pocket/Micro Rocket stove (sold separately), or leave something at home to save even more weight. Multi-Function: Pot lid doubles as a strainer.

Total weight: 657g
Packed Size: 19.69 x 12.07 cm

  • Manufacturer: MSR
  • Mpn: 06595

Type: Cookware