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MSR Alpinist 2 System


The MSR Alpinist 2 Cook System is the perfect expedition cookware accompaniment set for a pair of mountaineers, looking to keep weight to a minimum whilst retaining a reasonable level of comfort. Alternatively, when traveling solo or fast&light, the 'system' can be trimmed down to make it even lighter.

MSR's 2.4L hard anodised pot makes for the 'system' container and is both lightweight and extremely functional - plenty of capacity for melting snow and boiling water fast. Inside MSR have maxed-out all available space, providing; x1 Strainer lid, x2 DeepDish plates, x1 Talon pot handle and x2 insulated stainless steel mugs with lids.

All in all this is an incredibly compact yet inclusive cookware set and a must for all alpinists and mountaineers who like to retain some level of comfort whilst on the hill.

Includes: x1 2.4L Hard anodised aluminium pot, x1 Strainer lid, x2 DeepDish™ plates, x1 Talon™ pot handle, and x2 insulated stainless steel mugs with lids.


  • Durable and Efficient: Hard anodised aluminium pot is strong, light and more efficient than titanium.
  • Compact: Efficient nesting design saves valuable space.
  • Versatile: Accommodates an additional insulated mug (sold separately) for a party of three, a Pocket/Micro Rocket stove (sold separately), or leave something at home to save even more weight. Multi-Function: Pot lid doubles as a strainer.


  • Dimensions: 19.7 x 12.1cm
  • Hard Anodised Aluminum 
  • Weight: 657g


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