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PowerFingers are a lightweight and portable training aid, incredibly effective at promoting finger, wrist, forearm strength and well being.

Simple and easy to use, PowerFingers are also an excellent rehab aid and can assist in the recovery and prevention of elbow and finger injuries, to keep you climbing harder and niggle free. Working by improving the balance between the muscles that do, and don't, get worked when climbing, PowerFingers promote the balance that then helps prevent injuries. 

Each PowerFingers set includes different coloured rings, and each ring represents different resistance levels (levels 1 to 5). This allows you to build up an almost unlimited level of resistance by stacking different rings together.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Leo Woodfelder
Great invention

Power fingers are legit! Great way of working antagonist muscles in the hand. 1 month in and they feel stronger and more robust.

Neil W.

They were bought as a present so I’ve no idea. Had no complaints and they arrived on time.

Ric O.

it is ok but....

Joe P.
Exspensive ****

£25, what a joke. After 2 weeks of using them, signs of tearing started to show, after 2 more weeks 2 had snapped. I emailed power fingers, and heard nothing from them. Emailed rock and Run about it, they said I need to post them back to see if it's general wear and tear, then send them to power fingers to get their opinion, then if it's found I can have my money (which by this point will be a good couple of months down the line) then they'll pay for the postage that I paid to post them back. Elastic band's last longer, they don't cost £25 and they aren't designed for a single purpose. Genuinely shocking