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Sandstone in South East England

The Sandstone in South East England guidebook includes all the worthwhile rock climbing in the 9 important areas SE of England.

Included in the Sandstone in South East England guide are the 9 groups of rocks which form small outcrops and give fine climbing. The Weald is an undulating area of Sandstone that is sandwiched between the North and South Chalk downs. At Hastings on the coast, the rock is soft - too soft. Between Tunbridge Wells and East Grinstead, the Sandstone is exposed on the surface and has weathered to form a hard crust that supports a small amount of weight. Even here, one has to be thoughtful and careful with protecting the rock - and climbing whilst the rock is wet (and consequently weak), is not allowed.

The rock has been weathered naturally by the wind and rain, forming superb looking buttresses and pinnacles. They are tiny compared to the giant towers of Saxony, but still give a magical feel - intermixed with fine oak and beech trees, plus the lovely bluebell woods in spring.

The rock is very rounded, and gives sloping holds - quite different to that of an indoor climbing wall. There are not so many holds either, and the friction in general is poor - compared to Northern Gritstone. This makes life quite difficult for the beginner. However, once the apprenticeship is completed and the local techniques learnt, you will be able to unlock even the trickiest of routes.

The weather does play an important part here. If the rock is wet, then it is soft and will break - so please do not climb in these conditions. The rock remains in good condition from mid March through till the end of October. You can sneak good winter days, but green algae does grow, and only some parts dry out fully.

All of the photo topos are in full colour and include the latest in clean graphic design techniques. The grades are clear and easy to use, plus routes are colour coded in the same advancing colours as skiing & Fontainebleau.


  • Cover: flapped paperback
  • Illustrations: colour photo topos


  • Country: England
  • ISBN13: 9781873665145
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 320
  • Published Date: 2010
  • Publisher: Jingo Wobbly
  • Region: England - South East England
  • Manufacturer: Jingo Wobbly

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