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Camping Lighting

Camping Lighting is essential in order to be able to see after dark if you are climbing or when sleeping in the outdoors. Whether you are working your project, using the fresh, cold night air for better friction or if you need to cook, read, collect water, rack your climbing gear, or even charge your phone in camp, then camping lighting is needed.

Take a look at our collection of camping lanterns and head torches by leading brands Black Diamond and Petzl below, read more about the innovative Reactive Lighting Technology by Petzl here 'Petzl Tikka R+ and RXP with Reactive Lighting' and don't forget to check out our latest deals page too for money saving offers on outdoor gear...

Petzl IKO CORE £76.50 £85.00

Petzl Bindi £43.20 £48.00

Petzl Tikka £29.70 £33.00

Petzl IKO £60.30 £67.00

Petzl e+LITE £26.10 £29.00
Petzl Actik Core £64.80 £72.00

Black Diamond Apollo £51.95 £65.00

Petzl Tikkina £21.60 £24.00
Petzl Noctilight £17.10 £19.00

Petzl NAO RL £139.50 £155.00
Black Diamond Flare £21.95 £25.00

Black Diamond Cosmo 350R £38.25 £45.00

Petzl Swift RL £103.50 £115.00

Petzl Actik £43.20 £48.00
Petzl Uni Adapt £8.55 £9.50

Silva Explore 4RC £50.95 £60.00
Black Diamond Sprint 225 £39.95 £50.00

Black Diamond Icon 700 £79.95 £95.00
Silva Trail Runner Free £55.95 £70.00

Silva Explore 4 £43.20 £48.00
Silva Trail Speed 5XT £220.00 £245.00
Silva Cross Trail 7XT £116.00 £145.00