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Christmas Gift Ideas: Outdoor Climber

Our Christmas Gift Ideas include a hand picked selection of items that would make great Christmas gifts for an outdoor climber.

We've selected based on useful accessories that all climbers will be happy to receive, climbing gear that is applicable to newer outdoor climbers and for veterans alike, all interspersed with some particularly fancy products.

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9 reviews
3 reviews
Trango Rack Tags £5.95 £7.00
4 reviews
DMM Mithril Harness £59.50 £70.00
8 reviews
1 review
FrictionLabs Bam Bam Chalk from £2.70 £20.00
Y&Y Classic £59.95 £67.00
2 reviews
DMM XSRE Lock £11.70 £13.00
1 review
13 reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
5 reviews
1 review