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Oval Carabiners

Oval carabiners were the first mass produced shape carabiner, nowadays carabiner designs have evolved into the more commonly used D, Offset and HMS carabiners. Oval carabiners still have their uses. They are great for racking your gear, used with a pulley and are particularly useful for aid climbing.

Shop for oval carabiners from leading brands from our collection below...

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DMM Ultra O Screwgate £14.40 £16.00
6 reviews
Petzl OK Oval Screwgate £11.75 £13.10
2 reviews
3 reviews
DMM PerfectO Locksafe £17.10 £19.00
DMM PerfectO Kwiklock £16.20 £18.00
DMM PerfectO Screwgate £13.50 £15.00