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Shop Rock + Run Brand. Drawing on our decades of climbing, running, training and general experience in the mountains, we continue to develop and expand this collection of core products directly made by Rock + Run or sourced and branded by Rock + Run. 

Sleeping Mat Accessories

There are plenty of sleeping mat accessories that you can add to your camping kit to make sleeping in the outdoors a more comfortable experience. There are camping pillows that are designed to be lightweight and compact, camping chair kits that convert your sleeping mat into a comfy chair so you can chill by the campfire, pumps for inflation and essential repair kits in case of an inflation fail!

We stock a wide range of sleeping mat accessories that can be used with your camping mats, covering you for all your outdoor escapades whether you're mountaineering, backpacking, camping remotely in the hills or even at a festival! Take a look at our collection below...

Exped Air Pillow L £25.10 £29.50
Exped Air Pillow M £22.55 £26.50
Exped Air Pillow XL £25.50 £30.00
Exped Widget £34.95 £37.50
Thermarest Air Head from £32.95 £50.00
Thermarest Air Head Down from £46.75 £60.00
Thermarest Air Head Lite £34.00 £40.00