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Tenaya | Brand Profile

by Morgan Cvetkovic-Jones

Who are they?

Founded in 1997 by Jose Luis Garcia Gallego, Tenaya (named after Tenaya Canyon in Yosemite NP) are the product of Spanish heritage and esteemed engineering reputation. Having grown up in a region of Spain renowned for mountains and itslong tradition in the design and manufacture of footwear, Gallego came to prominence with Boreal (see Boreal Brand Profile) where he and his brother created the world’s first modern, sticky rubbered climbing shoe. Gallego’s work off the wall changed the climbing shoe game, enabling the leading climbers of the time to break new ground whilst, on the wall, Gallego was breaking new ground of his own with first ascents on El Capitan and Fitz Roy.

So, it was only a matter of time before he applied this revered shoe engineering skill and unique climbing experience to a new climbing shoe company.

 What are Tenaya known for?

Synonymous with Alex Megos, Tenaya are known for an incredible athlete line-up that speaks volumes about the quality of their climbing shoes. With Chris Sharma and Jimmy Webb joining the team in recent years, Tenaya look to be going from strength to strength, firmly establishing themselves as a market leader. This is thanks to Jose Gallego’s shoe designing prowess - Tenaya climbing shoes are some of the most technically engineered and performance orientated shoes on the market. Intuitive technologies like their SXR dynamics and Draxtor tightening system are particular performance perks.

Tenaya also produce a line-up of approach shoes which are uniquely designed, funky and functional.

Where are Tenaya products made?

All of Tenaya’s shoes are made out of their Spanish factory.

Environmental action

Without the air miles of production from the far east, Tenaya’s shoes are produced locally and are made to last.

What sets Tenaya apart?

Intuitive engineering complimented by Spanish flair.

Check out our range of Tenaya climbing shoes here