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The Flash: Rock+Run Blog

This video follows Sophie, who has significant impairments but refuses to let that get in the way of achieving her goals.
Not only has she set herself the challenge of doing 30 new things before she turned 30. She also completed 30 climbs in 30 days with support from Climb LBG, to raise money for a local hospice.
  • 1 min read
Synonymous with Alex Megos, Tenaya are known for an incredible athlete line-up that speaks volumes about the quality of their climbing shoes. With Chris Sharma and Jimmy Webb joining the team in recent years, Tenaya look to be going from strength to strength, firmly establishing themselves as a market leader. This is thanks to Jose Gallego’s shoe designing prowess - Tenaya climbing shoes are some of the most technically engineered and performance orientated shoes on the market. Intuitive technologies like their SXR dynamics and Draxtor tightening system are particular performance perks.
  • 2 min read

The following article offers a buying guide for head torches, a simple but essential piece of equipment should you find yourself outdoors after dark. In our opinion, you should never go out without one.

If you're stuck on what sort of head torch you need, check out this guide to give you a better understanding and hopefully you'll be staying out when everyone else has gone home. 

  • 3 min read

In October 1986, Johnny Dawes made the first ascent of a climb which defined a generation, a pitch described by Paul Williams in his 1989 guidebook as being ‘of such appalling difficulty as to be almost beyond the realms of human comprehension’. The climb is, of course, The Indian Face E9 – a terrifying slab which claims centre stage on Cloggy (Clogwyn Du'r Arddu), a wall steeped in heritage, perched high on the sides of Snowdon. This short film proves a wonderful insight into the history of the route and the characters that ultimately shaped its story.


  • 1 min read
Co-founded in 2007 by Sheffield based bouldering masters; Ned Feehally and Dan Varian, Beastmaker started out as a simple solution to the pair’s lack of time for climbing on real rock whilst at university. In an attempt to maintain and strengthen their peak pulling performance, the pair had become obsessed with pushing their fingers to the limit, isolating individual digits and blasting out 2-hour sessions on a fingerboard. There was just one problem, the resin fingerboard they were using wasn’t conducive to their marathon sessions, causing blood blisters and various other skin problems. This pushed them to develop their own alternative – the Beastmaker.
  • 2 min read
Climbing hard but not getting any better? Well, you might have hit a performance plateau. They are a common occurrence and we have some tips and tricks to help you get past your climbing plateau and reach that next climbing grade.
  • 4 min read